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Trilithic Introduces the Award Winning 802 AWE – Advanced Wireless Test Set

Award Winning 802 AWE

What is the 802 AWE Advanced Wireless Test Set?

The new 802 AWE™ Advanced Wireless Test Set from Trilithic provides you with a total end-to-end testing solution for all of your network installation, verification and troubleshooting needs.

The 802 AWE offers a superior solution for proactive troubleshooting of wired and wireless networks and is the most cost effective testing tool available for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks.

With Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n/ac*), ZigBee, Blue­tooth and Ethernet all built-in to one device you can quickly and easily analyze overlaps in wireless channel broadcasts to prevent interference between Wi-Fi and ZigBee wireless home security & automa­tion networks.

How does the 802 AWE help cable engineers reduce operational expenses?

The new 802 AWE was designed from scratch to increase user efficiency all the while reducing operational equipment cost and time to troubleshoot. This all in one device allows the technician to quickly and easily diagnose wireless issues that may have been hidden or hard to find due to a lack of features in current CPE equipment or current wireless testing devices.

  • In organizations where budgets are limited and several technicians share three or four testing devices among themselves, the low price of the 802 AWE allows you to outfit more technicians with their own gear while reducing the amount of time spent meeting up to swap out gear from one tech to another.
  • With Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n), ZigBee, Bluetooth and Ethernet all in one device, providers now have the ability to purchase a single device that covers all of the tech’s testing needs allowing them to reduce the number of additional devices that they must carry during the normal workday.
  • Carrying fewer devices not only reduces capital investment in equipment, but it also allows the technician to become more efficient by reducing his workload to one device instead of many. This increased efficiency will allow the technician to be trained quicker, complete more jobs in the same amount of time and over time decrease the operational cost for each job.

Another cost saving feature of the 802 AWE is its easy-to-use color interface with simple icon based navigation. This user interface is designed to look and feel like many modern smart devices which reduce the amount of time it takes for techs to become familiar with the device. This quick learning process reduces the amount of time needed to train technicians, roll out the 802 AWE to your workforce and start seeing results in the field.

Your techs will be able to quickly and easily resolve many problems before they are encountered by proactive testing for wireless issues during installs. This type of proactive testing can help to ensure the stability of your customer’s wireless networks while maximizing their online experience. In turn, providing this type of service during an installation can lead to a higher quality of service, increased customer satisfaction and most importantly a reduction in the number of repeat truck rolls.


What Measurements are supported by the 802 AWE?

The easy-to-use icon navigation will reduce the amount of time it takes for techs to become familiar with the 802 AWE. The short learning curve will help technicians get to work faster, become more efficient and have confidence in their testing results.

Basic Features:Basic Features

  • WiFi, Bluetooth & Zigbee Network Analysis
  • Connect to networks and perform traceroute, ping and throughput tests
  • Survey all networks & devices and view details of channel usage and device properties



Tabular Survey: Tabular Survey

  • Displays a tabular view of all de­tected networks
  • Provides a quick view of channel usage, signal levels, signal-to-noise ratio, SSID, number of access points, security type & network protocols
  • Simply select any network to view the full channel & device details



Device Details: Wi-Fi Clients

  • Displays a tabular view of all wire­less devices that are currently broadcasting a signal
  • Signal Level, Channel, SSID & MAC for Inspection of Specific Devices
  • Simply select any device to view the full details of the device.


At the 2015 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Broadband Technology Report’s Rob Stuehrk had a chance to talk to Trilithic’s Chris Hoyt about the award winning 802 AWE.

For more information check out the 802 AWE Wireless Test Set datasheet.

Request a quote for your very own 802 AWE.

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Trilithic Introduces The Award Winning Seeker D Lite

Award Winning Seeker D Lite

What is the Seeker D Lite Shielding Integrity Testing Kit?

Until recently, finding and fixing leakage in the aeronautical band was considered “good enough” for almost all cable operators. But, with increased deployment of off air services by cellular providers and increased bandwidth demands of both the MSOs and cellular providers, keeping the cable plant tight has never been more important. Ad­ditionally, the increase in service demands for cellular bandwidth has pushed services into the 700-800 MHz (LTE) band and maybe even lower into the 600 MHz band in the near future.

Home Ingress Tested LevelsUp until now leakage detection has focused on the outside plant, but as cellular devices become more prevalent we need to somehow verify if these devices are causing issues when they are in close proximity to leakage or ingress sources within a home. Since the relative distance between a cell tower and cellular devices determines the transmit level of cellular devices, this can results in cellular devices transmitting their data with a signal strength as high as 3 V/m. Due to this possibility of high transmit level of cellular devices, even the smallest sources of leakage or ingress points within the home can lead to cellular signals causing issues with downstream QAM channels. With this problem in mind, Trilithic has developed the Seeker D Lite Shielding Integrity Testing Kit as a solution for finding the smallest of leaks in the home and to help identify any shielding defects that will allow cellular signals to enter into the cable system.

During an installation or service call, the Seeker D Lite Shielding Integrity Test Kit provides technicians with a way to comprehensively evaluate the customer premises for leakage in both the Aeronautical and LTE bands within fully digital, analog and mixed cable systems and is the only system available to quickly, easily and accurately verify that the shielding integrity of in home wiring meets the needs of today’s high tech world. This innovative patent pending method of in home leakage detection involves disconnect­ing the drop to the home and using the Seeker D Lite Source Transmitter to inject a tagged signal source into the home from the ground block or the tap. The source transmitter’s signal level is at a considerably higher level compared to typical active plant levels in order to “over-pressurize” the cable system in the home. This approach is similar to pressurizing a water pipe and looking for any sources of water that may point to the location of a defect in the pipe. Using the Seeker D Lite with its source transmitter allows the technician to detect leakage levels at an otherwise unheard of sensitivity down to 0.1 uV/m. Using the Seeker D Lite during an installation or service call or as part of a home certification will ensure that the shielding integrity of the home wiring meets the needs of today’s high tech world.Seeker D Lite

For more information check out the Seeker D Lite Shielding Integrity Testing Kit datasheet.

Request a quote for your very own Seeker D Lite.

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