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Trilithic Introduces the First Dual 10GbE Test Set for Carrier Ethernet and LAN

Trilithic’s MetroNet 5000 series offers a comprehensive test and monitoring tool to expedite problem isolation and resolution in the network core, edge, NOC and data centers.

MetroNet 5000Indianapolis, IN, – Trilithic, a leader in broadband test and measurement solutions, introduced today the MetroNet 5000 Series Ethernet and IP Test Set, the first complete 10GbE Test Set for Carrier Ethernet and LAN. Providing a comprehensive test and monitoring functions to isolate and solve problems in the network core, edge, NOC and data center, MetroNet 5000 Series is designed for field applications as varied as new constructions, customer turn-ups and corrective maintenance. Each lightwight, handheld unit has numerous built-in tests for complete Ethernet, IP , VoIP and LAN testing.

Responding to the Success of Metro Ethernet Networks Worldwide

Metro Ethernet Networks have grown by double-digit percentages worldwide over the past five years, according to most industry research, with little sign of stopping its stream of success. As it provides a flexible, scalable, simplified, faster and data-optimized connectivity solution, Metro Ethernet Networks will perform a fundamental role in linking core fiber transport networks with access infrastructures. In addition, they will advance the integration of new technologies, such as 10GbE.

As a result, cable, telecom and wireless service providers need flexible testing solutions that deliver both sophisticated test capabilities and true field portability and expedite the resolution of problems as varied as service provisioning/monitoring, scalability and interworking with legacy deployments. A tool to improve network troubleshooting and maintenance, such as the MetroNet 5000 Series, is a vital, field-ready test and monitoring tool all field technicians should have.

The MetroNet 5000 Series: Promising Faster Problem Resolution

The MetroNet 5000 Series includes four models with different port configurations yet the same complement of software functions for cable, telecom and wireless service provider testing applications that promise faster problem resolution. Some of its convenient features include:

  • Dual 10 GbE Ports for In-line Testing: in-line and wrap-around testing at 10GbE, opening up a whole new suite of testing scenarios that provide faster problem resolution.
  • Rugged, Lightweight Design: compact handheld test set and has the functionality of much more expensive test systems. At a weight of 3 lbs, it is the preferred working size for field technicians.
  • Powerful Packet and Frame Filtering: based on field content, the user can select which types of packets or frames are transmitted, looped back, received and measured. This allows the user to focus measurement on a particular type of traffic (e.g., IPTV) or filter several types of traffic into a custom stream that emulates a particular carrier service.
  • Port Traffic Flooding: enables stress testing of network equipment, such as routers and switches, and simulating distributed denial of service attacks and other intrusions, while giving the flexibility to design or mark packet content to emulate viruses and other security breaches.
  • Line-Rate Packet Capture and Analysis: optional packet and frame capture based on uniquely settable filters to only capture the traffic desired to be measured, making it easier to troubleshoot network problems.

Sophisticated Reporting and Graphing

The MetroNet 5000 provides report generation and graphing capabilities typically found only in larger and higher-priced systems. The ability to generate reports in histogram, bar, pie and line graph formats and easily convert them to PDF files enables service providers to deliver detailed reporting to customers and management.

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