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Trilithic launches Seeker BB-2 Automatic Leakage Detection System

Automatic GPS-based system uses breakthrough quadrangulation process to improve the accuracy of cable leakage detection and increase operational efficiency

Indianapolis (October 22, 2008) – Trilithic Inc. announced the release of the Seeker BB-2 Automatic Leakage Detection System today. Designed for cable network providers, the system improves the accuracy and efficiency of cable leak detection with GPS technology and a breakthrough process known as quadrangulation.

Unlike most systems that require operator intervention, the Seeker BB-2 is fully automated. Housed in heavy-gauge aluminum to withstand the rigors of the road, it’s designed for placement inside cable fleet trucks where it smoothly and seamlessly detects leaks through a monopole antenna.

The system’s quadrangulation process pinpoints and gauges the relative strength of cable leaks from a distance with the same accuracy of a technician measuring data from within 10 feet – a real breakthrough in leakage detection equipment. Most systems don’t detect differences in leakage strengths, nor can they pinpoint leaks with any accuracy without operator intervention.  As a result, leaks are largely identified through customer reports and often given the same repair priority.

Quadrangulation changes this with a patent-pending analytical process in Trilithic’s Leakage Analysis Workshop (LAW) software. LAW pinpoints and records the exact location of leaks and computes relative strengths. This data is automatically uploaded to the LAW server through a WiFi adaptor when a fleet vehicle drives through WiFi hot spots. Data for all fleet vehicles is analyzed and processed daily, generating automated reports that eliminate redundancies and prioritize repairs. This increases overall operational efficiency for the cable network and improves service to subscribers.

Additional information on the BB-2 Leakage Detection System is available at Trilithic’s corporate website: Instruments. A product video may be viewed at

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