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Trilithic 860 DSPi Now Offers WiFi Connectivity

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Thursday, August 31, 2009) – Trilithic is pleased to announce the introduction and immediate availability of a new WiFi option for the continuously evolving 860 DSPi Field Analyzer. The option includes a built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g) adapter, and test modes include a survey, that provides a list of access points within the range of the meter, along with field strength, status of security and SSID, channel and type, and MAC address. Additionally, the adapter can be used to connect to any authorized access point for communication of measurement data, meter configuration, or access to internet web sites for work order close-out or other productivity improving functions.

This feature is especially attractive to cable systems that are deploying WiFi services, but is also useful for verifying wireless router access throughout customers’ homes.

The new WiFi Option is just another in a long line of technological adaptations for the 860 DSPi, proving the instrument’s continued relevance, long life, and low cost of ownership. The WiFi Option can be added to any previously shipped 860 DSPi. As this is a hardware upgrade, units in the field will need to either be returned to the factory, or scheduled for onsite installation. Contact your local rep for more information or visit

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