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Trilithic 360 DSP Home Certification Meter Preview

The latest solution from the Trilithic labs, the 360 DSP Home Certification Meter, will be revealed soon. In the meantime, watch this teaser for a first glimpse of the new meter.

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Trilithic Introduces the First Dual 10GbE Test Set for Carrier Ethernet and LAN

Trilithic’s MetroNet 5000 series offers a comprehensive test and monitoring tool to expedite problem isolation and resolution in the network core, edge, NOC and data centers.

MetroNet 5000Indianapolis, IN, – Trilithic, a leader in broadband test and measurement solutions, introduced today the MetroNet 5000 Series Ethernet and IP Test Set, the first complete 10GbE Test Set for Carrier Ethernet and LAN. Providing a comprehensive test and monitoring functions to isolate and solve problems in the network core, edge, NOC and data center, MetroNet 5000 Series is designed for field applications as varied as new constructions, customer turn-ups and corrective maintenance. Each lightwight, handheld unit has numerous built-in tests for complete Ethernet, IP , VoIP and LAN testing.

Responding to the Success of Metro Ethernet Networks Worldwide

Metro Ethernet Networks have grown by double-digit percentages worldwide over the past five years, according to most industry research, with little sign of stopping its stream of success. As it provides a flexible, scalable, simplified, faster and data-optimized connectivity solution, Metro Ethernet Networks will perform a fundamental role in linking core fiber transport networks with access infrastructures. In addition, they will advance the integration of new technologies, such as 10GbE.

As a result, cable, telecom and wireless service providers need flexible testing solutions that deliver both sophisticated test capabilities and true field portability and expedite the resolution of problems as varied as service provisioning/monitoring, scalability and interworking with legacy deployments. A tool to improve network troubleshooting and maintenance, such as the MetroNet 5000 Series, is a vital, field-ready test and monitoring tool all field technicians should have.

The MetroNet 5000 Series: Promising Faster Problem Resolution

The MetroNet 5000 Series includes four models with different port configurations yet the same complement of software functions for cable, telecom and wireless service provider testing applications that promise faster problem resolution. Some of its convenient features include:

  • Dual 10 GbE Ports for In-line Testing: in-line and wrap-around testing at 10GbE, opening up a whole new suite of testing scenarios that provide faster problem resolution.
  • Rugged, Lightweight Design: compact handheld test set and has the functionality of much more expensive test systems. At a weight of 3 lbs, it is the preferred working size for field technicians.
  • Powerful Packet and Frame Filtering: based on field content, the user can select which types of packets or frames are transmitted, looped back, received and measured. This allows the user to focus measurement on a particular type of traffic (e.g., IPTV) or filter several types of traffic into a custom stream that emulates a particular carrier service.
  • Port Traffic Flooding: enables stress testing of network equipment, such as routers and switches, and simulating distributed denial of service attacks and other intrusions, while giving the flexibility to design or mark packet content to emulate viruses and other security breaches.
  • Line-Rate Packet Capture and Analysis: optional packet and frame capture based on uniquely settable filters to only capture the traffic desired to be measured, making it easier to troubleshoot network problems.

Sophisticated Reporting and Graphing

The MetroNet 5000 provides report generation and graphing capabilities typically found only in larger and higher-priced systems. The ability to generate reports in histogram, bar, pie and line graph formats and easily convert them to PDF files enables service providers to deliver detailed reporting to customers and management.

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XFTP by Trilithic Introduces Wild-Cat, an Ethernet Cable Tester for Installers and Technicians

Wild-CatINDIANAPOLIS, IN (Wednesday, February 15, 2012) – XFTP by Trilithic, a leading provider of broadband test and measurement solutions for cable, satellite and home networking has introduced a versatile and affordable new solution for measuring the speed and performance of Ethernet cable.

The new Wild-cat Ethernet Cable Tester enables users to measure the speed and performance of CAT6, CAT5e and CAT3 Ethernet cable while adhering to both ANSI and ISO.IEC standards. With a full compliment of Auto Test functions, including wire map, length, propagation delay, DC loop resistance and insertion loss, it offers technicians a convenient, comprehensive solution for identifying substandard performance in the three categories of Ethernet cable.

The Wild- cat tester returns CAT5e test results in about 30 seconds and CAT6 results in about 60 seconds. It complies with American Standard TIA/EIA-569-B and International Standard ISO/IEC 11801 and offers a tone generator, PING and BER testing. Available connectors include RJ45, F and RF11. Users can also upload results to a computer through the optional software for reports, analysis and printing.

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Trilithic LAW Live Rideout Map Overview

A new video is available on Trilithic’s YouTube page. This video features Mark Darragh, Product Manager for Leakage Systems, discussing the new Live Rideout Map feature of LAW. LAW, Leakage Analysis Workshop, is Trilithic’s leakage solution which collects leakage location data, plots the data and marks the leakage source location as push pins on a map.

When coupled with Trilithic’s Seeker GPS system, LAW provides a leakage management system that enables operators to find and fix leaks quickly, minimize tech time, quickly assess network leakage health and gauge the effectiveness of leakage maintenance efforts.

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Trilithic to present Next-Gen EAS System in National Weather Service (NWS) Booth at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (January 9, 2012) – Trilithic, the experts in digital Emergency Alert Systems announced they will be presenting and demonstrating their next-gen EAS system in the NWS booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas January 10-13.

In alignment with the NOAA’s mission of protecting life and property, Trilithic will demonstrate its EASyCAP™ Emergency Management System. The system demonstration will be in the Las Vegas Convention Center South 3 Hall in NWS Booth # 30478 on Wednesday January 11th at 10:15 am.

EASyCAP™ is an integrated solution that includes everything needed to deliver CAP-IPAWS based audio and visual alerts for broadband cable, Telco IPTV, and direct-to-home satellite television in a one-box solution, including EAS; CAP; local access messages; audio/video peripherals; control over serial and network based devices; and network protocols and interfaces

A next-generation solution, EASyCAP™ handles all of today’s EAS and CAP requirements for both the U.S. and Canada and provides a flexible and expandable platform designed to accommodate requirements and features that may be needed in the future. As CAP standards continue to evolve, Trilithic’s innovative open architecture simplifies the process of making changes and adding new capabilities and features. All software and firmware can be upgraded across the entire network infrastructure.

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Linear Distortions in the Cable Modem Upstream

What are Linear Distortions?

Linear distortions can be micro-reflections, amplitude ripple, or group delay distortions; All of which could deteriorate the quality of an upstream channel.  Detecting linear distortions can help installers and service techs better identify and locate issues with the cable modem upstream.

How do we find them?

When a cable modem sends a signal back to the CMTS it creates a high-quality, perfect QAM channel.  By the time it reaches the CMTS it is no longer perfect due to attenuation and amplification on the way to the headend.  The CMTS takes the signal that it receives and does an adaptive equalization which sends instructions back to the cable modem.  These instructions tell the cable modem how to update the upstream channel to compensate for some of the distortions in the pathway.  This is called pre-equalization at the modem.

We can look at the pre-equalization to get an idea of the location and severity of distortions in the upstream channel.  The pre-equalization can also be used to get a picture of what the CMTS is receiving at the headend.

Doug Swank, Trilithic Applications Engineer, explains linear distortions and the new 860 DSPi Find-and-Fix option which simplifies detection of these impairments.

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Adam Jones disusses EASyCAP EAS solution at Cable-Tec 2011

Trilithic presented the new EASyCAP EAS emergency management system at this year’s Cable-Tec in Atlanta, GA. While at the show Broadband Technology Report caught up with Adam Jones, Trilithic’s EAS Sales Engineer, to discuss the new one-box EAS solution.

You can learn more about the EASyCAP system at Trilithic’s website.

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Trilithic Introduces the First Configurable Portable Instrument Platform

Trilithic Introduces the First Configurable Portable Instrument Platform That Promises to Transform Plant Maintenance Testing

The DSPi 860 Field analyzer can be configured with options that enhance maintenance productivity and improve troubleshooting speed for plant technicians.

Trilithic 860 DSPi

Indianapolis, IN, – Trilithic, a leader in broadband test and measurement solutions, introduces today its new 860 DSPi Field Analyzer, a portable instrument platform that can be upgraded with features to assist plant technicians in performing critical transmission and signal quality tests for maintaining analog, digital, HSD, and VoIP services. Since new features and services can be downloaded via Trilithic’s free update website, the 860 DSPi Portable Analyzer promises to be the industry standard for data communication tools with long life cycles and an economical lifetime ownership cost.

The Challenge: The Escalating Costs of Plant Maintenance
The maintenance of broadband networks is a leading component of a network’s total cost of ownership (TOC). The fault finding of network problems as varied as RF noise, jitter, packet loss, among others, is one thing, but performing these tasks quickly and efficiently is another. A tool to improve troubleshooting speed, such as the DSPi 860 field analyzer, is crucial in controlling the escalating costs of plant maintenance.

Features to Shorten Trouble Calls
The 860 DSPi Field Analyzer takes advantage of flexible, digital signal processing (DSP) technology so it can be easily upgraded with features, or applications in the field, by simply downloading firmware and without changing meters. This portable instrument platform gives you the lowest lifetime costs in the industry. Some of the features include:

  • Measuring latency, jitter, packet loss, and other VoIP parameters in seconds.
  • Average BER function provides test data up to 10 times faster than other analyzers, so problem sources can be identified faster, shortening trouble calls.
  • CableLabs® certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem, enables a full complement of DOCSIS 3.0 tests, including complete statistical information about each of the bonded signals, including individual downstream receive levels and upstream transmit levels, downstream MER, and pre- and post-FEC BER.
  • Analyzing VoIP performance from end-to-end and from the subscriber to the CMTS.
  • Viewing in-channel spectrum characteristics with the Error Vector Spectrum mode.

Productivity Metrics for Workforce Management
While the 860 DSPi was designed to address the needs of technicians and engineers with extremely versatile measurement capabilities, it integrates with Trilithic’s TDM™ test data management server package to enable managers and others to configure and manage analyzer inventory, store measurement data, generate reports and create custom database queries. This integrated system lets operators track tech performance, control the quality of installations and develop and monitor productivity improvement metrics via a connection to the company billing system.

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Trilithic Introduces New Find-and-Fix Option for the 860 DSPi Field Analyzer

INDIANAPOLIS (November 14, 2011) – Trilithic, an industry leader in broadband test and measurement solutions, announced today a new test suite option for its 860 DSPi Field Analyzer. The LD-1 Linear Distortion Suite enables technicians to track down and efficiently troubleshoot linear distortions that can seriously degrade the digital signals running on modern cable networks.

The new LD-1 Suite solves many of the common issues technicians often face when encountering linear distortion-related problems, such as manually looking for bad passives, split cables and loose or corroded hardware. Paired with the Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR), this new find-and-fix option quickly and accurately determines the distance to all types of cable faults that cause microreflections and in-channel linear distortions. Using this test suite, technicians can identify and analyze the distortions, pinpoint the location of the defect causing the problem, and restore two-way service immediately.

Some of the benefits of the LD-1 Suite for the 860 DSPi include: more efficient troubleshooting without the need to swap out hardware or inspect miles of plant; enabling the technician to work independently, without the need to wait for further information from a server application or return maintenance system; and immediate restoration of two-way service at subscriber expectations, with the minimum mean time to repair (MTTR).

The LD-1 Linear Distortion Suite is available to install on all current 860 DSPi devices with a DOCSIS 2 or DOCSIS 3 8×4 modem. To see a demonstration of the 860 DSPi Field Analyzer and LD-1 Suite, visit booth #554 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta. For more information about the LD-1 Suite, visit or call (800) 344-2412.

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Tech Tip: Preparing Your EASyCAST/BNP Installation for the National EAN

There will be a National (EAN) Emergency Action Notification test occurring at 2:00 EST, on Nov. 9th.  It is very important that all EASyCAST/BNP installations review their EAS settings.  Since SCTE-18 protocol drives the BNP, the EASyCAST must have its EAN event code set to Priority 14, and NOT Priority 15.  If 15 is used, this will cause an inadvertent “force-tune”, which does not exist in the DTV market.

Please update your EASyCAST software to v 8.05.  This code release includes FEMA’s TEST verbiage as part of the EAN to be used.  See graphics below for location and use of this button.

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